Hi! My dream is to one day go to CalArts so can you please tell me what your portfolio was like to get in? Thank you!!

you gotta do drawings from life other than that there are *KICKS IN THE DOOR* *BURNS THE HOUSE DOWN* NO RULES!!!!!  PARTY HARD

no seriously though just draw yo best shit theres no secret chant to get in or anything

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Artist: Kirsten Sjursen-Lien
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Any pro and cons about TVPaint you mind sharing??

Sure thing!

I personally love TVPaint so I’ll be a bit bias but here:

-Super easy to use
-Lots of brush options, you can basically just paint all of your frames like you would in photoshop
-Pretty good export options as long as you’re planning on using other software such as After Effects for final compositing
-They let you color code your layers so you can be super organized which I love
-Coloring is super easy as long as you close your lines

-Not vector-based so you have to remember you won’t be able to fiddle with the size too much after exporting like you could with flash, or you’ll get gross JPG edges
-audio sometimes lags so it can be harder to sync up lipsync (I usually just do my keys and keep an eye on the audio graph though so it’s fine)
-the brushes aren’t as good as photoshop, but it’s easy to make your own and make them decent enough for animation

hope that helps!

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I’m still cleaning up this shot so this isn’t final, but I thought I’d share the almost-done version because it’s the most anime shot of my film. 
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hello it is almost 1 AM and I am drawing fan art of cute kids on youtube videos
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What do you use for those really bright, white crisp highlights in some of your traditional drawings? For example like in, "The Songbird". It looks like it's not just not coloring at those places but like you're marking white over the color that was already there. I'm sorry if this seems like an odd question but I've seen you and a few other artists make those highlights like that and I haven't been able to figure out what you're making them with. Thanks in advance!

White gel pen!

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Hey Kiki, I drew your wife! :)

AAA!! Alexis! You are too good to me! Thank you!! <33 (The spoon one made me laugh a lot pff)
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How do you afford calarts? It's my dream school but I can't afford that crazy tuition

Scholarships pay for a huuuuge chunk of my tuition. (Which is part of the reason getting good grades is super important, not for getting in to school necessarily but for paying for it).

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this is the last of the animation on my main character finally
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