assignment for my layout class its KINDA WEIRD but w/e its specific to a story/scene
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we were given a very vague assignment to keyframe a floursack with at least 3 reactions and some squash and stretch and I…. had no ideas…. I dont know whats going on in this….. the floursack has a too spoopy soul
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quick lil test
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thinking out some ideas for a short looping film for this month’s loop de loop. nothing final, I’m just boarding out some possibilities today for giggles :’O
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drawing one of my old characters, Madigan!
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quick quick doodles of the ATWQ kids. tryin to think of how I wanna draw them, haha.
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ooooo there’s an ATWQ fan art contest


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sketch commission of someone’s character named Dorothy. :)
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Prince Ashitaka in a mech suit for chickenleather… yeah
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