a good and gentle hound
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psychic girls, my one true weakness
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I had to do a Sylvia skater, too….
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I wasn’t gonna sleep tonight unless I drew this. (His arms are whack but I’m sleepy and I just no longer care).
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quick commission I did for a little band
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I've been practicing small, simple animation cycles for the past two years or so and I have yet to make any progress. I've tried to animate a ball bouncing, or a simple walk cycle, yet every single time I always fall flat and end up messing it up. I get so afraid to practice animation because every time I do I get angry at myself and frustrated and it makes me want to cry. I just don't understand what I'm supposed to practice or how I'm supposed to practice it. It makes me so stressed. How do???

ctn’d Also (Anon who talked about animation frustration) I can’t afford to go to animation school, so I’ve been trying to learn it on my own but I don’t understand how?? It seems no matter what I try and no matter how long I try, I just can’t seem to master it like every other artist can. It’s like I have a disability or something. augh.

Just keep at it! Everyone’s animation skills aren’t good at the beginning- I started animating for fun in 8th grade, haha! Most of my early animations are terrible!

Remember that it’s ok if your work isn’t perfect the first time around. It won’t be perfect! Just keep at it.

Try to pick up the books The Illusion of Life and The Animator’s Survival Kit as well if you want to read up on theory.

Good luck, and be easy on yourself!


kid-emperor said: Also if u enjoy dance, try taking dance classes! i honestly feel like that’s the main reason im as comfortable with timing in animation as i am now.

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Random question, but what kind of pen/marker do you use to outline the sketches in your sketchbook with? Like the ones in your Earthbound drawings? I-I really like your line quality with them....

ahah im actually using a $1 pen called LePen right now

i basically just use

anything cheap

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asshole nightmare bro spiderdesigning the nightmares in these things are fun- combine “irrational” fears with “gained” fears and get some wacky results
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test panel for a very short 5 page comic I’m hoping to make. Thought it’d be fun to start making short Dreamworld comics when I have the time- especially since Elliot’s whole deal is surfing others’ dreams. (Still designing the other kid and their dreamscape, though! they dislike spiders and their dreamscape will reflect that, and probably some sort of central valley sort of aesthetic. still werkin it out)
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